This is known as the wettest place on the planet. Known for its Seven Sisters falls ls and Nohkalikai Falls, Dain Thlen Falls and Nohsngithiang Falls, it remains a favorite with adventurers and outdoor activity. There is so much to do here- starting from the adventure treks to the exploring the natural caves to river canyoning.

The Mawsmai Cave, Krem Mawmluh Cave is the fourth longest cave in the Indian subcontinent. Traveling through these caves one can reach an isolated waterfall leading to a deep gorge.A place not to miss is the Double Decker Living Root Bridge which takes you through a stunning trek through the dense jungles. It also crosses bay leaf gardens and picturesque hamlets on the way. If you have the stamina to climb there is an observatory at a mesmerizing height made of bamboo shoots which is definitely worth a visit. Cherrapunji looks like a hand painted mystical land with its delightful people and culture and history.