Modern cosmopolitan culture, a treasure of historic charms, endearingly called the ?city of eastern light? Guwahati is situated on the bank of Brahmaputra River and surrounded by hills on three sides which makes it an exotic travel destination. The picturesque city is located in the foothills of lower Assam encompassing an area of 216 km square and the state capital Dispur. Nicknamed as the ?Gateway to North East India? the city is rated as a cultural hub as it concentrates the entire northeastern experience within itself.

Guwahati is where you will find a rich history and culture of the state of Assam, and this is the most developed city in the entire north-east India. Most travelers covering Assam and other nearby states typically take a flight to Guwahati, maybe spend a day in the city, and then carry on to the other travel destinations. For those spending a day in Guwahati, there are some highly revered temples that they can visit – including the famous Kamakhya Devi temple. Guwahati is located on the banks of the Brahmaputra, and you can take a stroll by the riverside, or take a boat ride to the Umananda temple which is located in the center of the river. There are also various monuments, architectural showcases, museums and more. The city is also a great shopping destination, and the local market has a good collection of artifacts and pieces from the states and the cultures nearby.