Meghalaya is situated in the northeast region of India. The city is situated in the Khasi Hills. Shillong is the place to enjoy everything, starting from events, sightseeing, recreation, shopping, or unwinding oneself in a bar. The city has a character which can be felt only after exploring around the city.

Cherrapunji (58 km from Shillong), about two hours south of Shillong, used to the wettest place on earth. This honor is given today to Mausynram, a stone throw further west. The area is lush green with waterfalls and an extensive underground cave network.

Jowai, the second biggest town in Meghalaya, is situated in the district of the Jaintias. It is the gateway to Nartiang, a delightful village further north that has a bizarre collection of druid stones. Today it is an interesting park but a decade ago, human sacrifices were carried out. The most dominating piece rising up to the sky with red spots on the gray granite carries the story of a boy who was tricked into a trap, offering his life to please the gods. Take a walk through the charming village. Other places to visit are Jakrem which is famous for its hot springs.

Top Places to Visit In Meghalaya

Riwai living Root Bridge

  • Meghalaya District


  • Meghalaya District


  • Meghalaya District


  • Meghalaya District


  • Meghalaya District


  • Meghalaya District

Best Time to Visit Meghalaya

summer – From April till June

In summer, temperatures ranges from 15°C to 25°C. The place enjoys a pleasant weather and thus can be explored easily.

Monsoon – From June till September

Meghalaya being the abode of clouds receives maximum rain. The rainiest places on Earth, Mawsynram and Cherrapunjee are here. The weather is at its mesmerizing best. The temperatures are never higher than 20°C in this season. The cascading waterfalls are in their full might.

winter – From October till February

Winter is much colder here, with temperature ranging between 4°C and 16°. There is dense fog on the mountains and roads. The weather is absolutely amazing to plan vacations.