Mizoram is lesser known in the North East, Mizoram is inhabited by various tribes. You can see a wide range of religious customs and cultural splendor. The diversityin geographical features makes this small state a must to visit.It brings excellent opportunities of travelling over the small hillocks with winding trails where one can get the adventurous feel of mountain biking. The landscape of Phawngpui Hills, Vantawang Falls or even Palak Lake are picturesque whereas the heritage sites at Chhingpui remind us of our forgotten past of the Mizo life. The overall cultural panorama is further enhanced by food habit, dance forms, attires, and local music.
Here is a list of the best Mizoram has to offer.

Top Places to Visit In Mizoram

Best Time to Visit Mizoram

November to March is the best time to visit Mizoram with the mercury dropping to a comfortable range between 11º and 29°C. The sky is a brilliant blue and the morning mists envelope the valleys between the hills presenting a visual treat. This is lovely time to go trekking in the hills and also see nature at it’s very best.

The rains come in May and continue till September making the region very wet and humid. So it may be best to avoid travel here at this time of the year.

The Mizos celebrate an agarian festival called ‘Kut’ and it is celebrated thrice a year – March, September and then again in November. The festivities are connected with the planting, ploughing, and harvesting of the crops. Christmas is also celbrated with fervour all over Mizoram.