Odisha an eastern Indian state on the Bay of Bengal, is known for its tribal cultures and its many ancient Hindu temples. The capital, Bhubaneswar, is home to hundreds of temples, notably the intricately-carved Mukteshvara. The Lingaraj Temple complex, dating to the 11th century, is set around sacred Bindusagar Lake. The Odisha State Museum is focused on the area’s history and environment.

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Best Time to Visit Odisha

The months of June and July are hot and humid, but it is the best time to visit Odisha because the world famous Chariot Festival (JagannathPuriRathYatra or RathYatra in Puri) is organized in these months. However, the best time to visit Odisha is from October to March. During these months, the weather is clear and pleasant with the feeling of a little cold. For those who want to enjoy the seashore and beaches along with wildlife, these months are the best to explore Odisha.

Fair & Festivals in Odisha (Orissa):

Being a land of age-old and globally renowned temples and shrines, Odisha is also known for fairs and festivals that are world famous and participated by people from all across the world. As the entire state (especially, Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Puri, Konark, Jajpur, Ratnagiri and Udayagiri) is full of pilgrimages, festivals are organized for different religions like tribal festival, Chariot Festival (Car Festival or RathYatra), Konark dance and music festival, Rajarani Music Festival, Puri Beach Festival and the list goes on. Come and enjoy the fairs and festivals in Odisha and you will get an amazing experience that you have to enjoy ever before.

Jagannath Temple Festival-Chariot Festival or Car Festival (RathYatra)

In a reality, it is the most awaited festival in Odisha that is participated by people and devotees from all across the world. The joyous and loud all over the holy city during draw the giant chariots (Rath) of Lord Jagannath, Goddess Subhadra and Lord Balbhadra cannot be explained in words. The most sacred statues and Sudarshana Chakra is taken out of the temple premises to move around the city in giant chariots. The chariots or Rath are pulled by devotees. Well-decorated chariots with flowers, colourful clothing and sprayed by perfumes are drawn on the Bada Banda that is the grand avenue to the Gundicha Temple that is at the distance of around two miles away to the north. After one week the chariot returns to the main temple that is called as the Srimandira.

Chandan Yatra

This iconic festival is organized in the holy and the most sacred city of Puri – the abode of Lord Jagannath (Lord of the universe). It is organized for a duration of 21 days, in which the entire area (from Srimandir or Lord Jagannath Temple to NardendraSarobar along with houses and stores on both sides) is decorated with flowers, colours and banana leaves. Additionally, in front of Maths (monasteries) and at crossroads or arches, the decoration is amazing as the idols or the God take rest and receive offerings the delegate images of deities that are in temples. These idols are taken in a well-decorated palanquin by the Sevakas accompanied by the priests, musicians, dancers and devotees to NarendraSarovar at Night. Moreover, the entire Sarovar area is also decorated with lights, flowers and colours to add more spark to the festival. In this tank, idols are placed in boats that are rowed by Sevakas.

DevasnanaPurnima-Another Main Festival in Odisha

SnanaYatra or DevdarshanaYatra is also the main festival of Lord Jagannath that is considered as the oldest festivals. It has a religious significance as Raja Indradyumna (according to Skanda Purana) installed the wooden deities to arrange the bathing ceremony. The main day is also considered as the Birthday of Lord Jagannath that held full moon day of the month of Jyestha (April-May). The main festival in Odisha is also enjoyed by devotees from all across the country and world.

MakarSankranti-Explore the Rich Glory of Tourism in Odisha

Celebrated in all parts of the country on a fixed date of 14th January of every year, MakarSankranti is the festival organized to worship the  Lord Sun.

Konark Dance

For Dance and Music enthusiasts, it is the most awaited festival in Odisha. Konark festival is organized in the Konark Sun Temple as the backdrop of the classical festival. In this festival, dancers and musicians from different parts perform in all the classical forms of dance.


In order to remember the successful years of commercial sea voyage and journey, the Baliyatra is organized around the months of November-December on the Mahanadi River Bank at Cuttack.